Amazon DataSync pricing

Amazon DataSync offers simple, predictable pricing. Pay only for the amount of data that you migrate based on a flat, per-gigabyte fee according to your region. This fee covers the use of DataSync’s purpose-built network protocol and data compression to accelerate data movement, managed cloud infrastructure, data validation, and automation capabilities. With DataSync, there are no resources to manage, no upfront costs, and no minimum charge.

Amazon DataSync
Amazon DataSync fee for data copied ¥0.089 per gigabyte (GB)

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Pricing examples

Example 1: Archive 50 TB into Amazon S3

Cost to use DataSync for a one-time migration of 50 TB of 16 MB files into Amazon S3 in the Beijing Region:

(50 TB copied into S3 * 1024 GB * ¥0.089/GB) + (1 S3 LIST request * ¥0.00405 / 1000) + (50 TB / 16 MB S3 PUT requests * ¥0.00405 / 1000)

= ¥4,556.80 + ¥0 + ¥13.27

= ¥4,570.07

Example 2: Migrate 100 TB from a self-managed server to Amazon FSx for Windows File Server

Cost to migrate 100 TB from an on-premises Windows File Server to Amazon FSx, using DataSync:

(100 TB copied into Amazon FSx for Windows File Server * 1024 GB * ¥0.089/GB)

= ¥9,113.60


Example 3: Ongoing data transfers for an in-cloud processing and data distribution workflow

Suppose you perform a daily 1 TB transfer into Amazon EFS. Your cost for 31 days will be:

(1 TB copied into EFS * 1024 GB * ¥0.089/GB) * 31 days

= ¥2,825.22


Example 4: File system replication for business continuity with incrementals

Suppose you have a data replication job that copies a 10 TB file system into Amazon EFS in the Beijing Region once and replicates 1 TB of changes every day. Your cost for the initial copy and the 31 following days of normal usage will be:

10 TB * 1024 GB * ¥0.089/GB = ¥911.36 for the initial transfer

+ 1 TB * 1024 GB * ¥0.089/GB * 31 days for the incremental transfers

= ¥3,736.58 per month on an ongoing basis

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