Manufacturing & Semiconductor Case Studies

See how other manufacturers use Amazon Web Services to improve security and speed time to market with cloud product/production design, realize Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing benefits like improved OEE and lower cost, and provide enhanced customer value by offering unique smart product offerings.

With Amazon Web Services Cloud services, Anker Innovations realized fast launching of business system groups with Oracle E-business Suite ERP as the core (involving 7 systems), successfully driving its business change and innovation via IT and endowing more flexibility and scalability to the business. Cloud services have also fully guaranteed the stable and safe operation of new system groups. Anker Innovations is a Chinese benchmark brand offering smart equipment and smart accessories for overseas markets. Anker Innovations has deployed core ERP and peripheral subsystems in multiple Amazon Web Services regions, which not only meets the needs of current business, but also sets a solid foundation for future innovation and development.

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By migrating the chip design workload to Amazon Web Services, the chip design progress of Canaan has been significantly improved, with the project cycle more predictable and the overall cost saved by more than 30%. Canaan is an Internet firm engaging in independent research and development of AI chips and providing high-performance computing service. Relying on its comprehensive technology including research and development of AI chips, AI algorithm, structure, integration of SoC integration and process realization, the company establishes AI ecological chain with AI chips as the core and provides a package of AI service solutions for ecological partners based on their demands.

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Pioneer Electronics (China) Investment Co. Ltd. is one of the 5 regional headquarters established by the Pioneer Corporation, which is mainly responsible for the management of affiliated enterprises in the Greater China area and sales business of Pioneer products. By transferring SAP sales management and financial applications hosted in Japan to China through Amazon Web Services China (Beijing) Region operated by SINNET, Pioneer China has solved the potential compliance problem of "no cross-border transfer of data" , reducing the cost by more than 50% and enhancing the performance by 50%.

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With the help of Amazon Web Services Cloud services, Quanshun Youneng can build a secure and efficient Internet of things application environment in only half a day, assisting customers to monitor operation status of manufacturing facility in real time and accelerating the intelligent transformation of operation management. Quanshun Youneng focuses on electrical power monitoring and manufacturing process management and applies the latest communication, IoT, AI and cloud computing technology to help improve operational efficiency in such industries as construction and buildings and manufacturing.

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