In the era of IoT, there are thousands of application forms, especially in the field of industrial IoT, there is a large number of scenarios of rigid demand to appear. What is lacking now is the "eyes" to discover rigid demand and solutions to problems. Beijing Quanshun Youneng Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Quanshun Youneng") bases itself on the fields of IoT and intelligence, applies the latest communication, IoT, AI and other technologies, and intelligently connects equipment information and operation data through independently developed hardware and software systems, and enables human-computer interaction, so as to realize digitalization, standardization, visualization and intelligentization of customer's asset management and operation management.

Quanshun Youneng is building a business value chain around "data", obtaining abundant data through material-to-material connection, providing data support for buildings, parks, food production, energy and manufacturing industries, helping enterprises such as Modern Animal Husbandry (Group) Co., Ltd. and ABP Beijing to collect data and acquire industry insight and analysis capabilities, enabling their asset operations to feature self-adaptive capabilities, realizing intelligent operations in various scenarios, preventing risks, improving efficiency, saving manpower and resources, and thus ensuring the sustainable development of enterprises.


With convenient, resilient, and stable Amazon Web Services Cloud services, Quanshun Youneng significantly reduced product launch time while helping our customers reduce hardware investment, leverage data value, improve operational efficiency, and ultimately achieve asset-light operations.

Li Yuan

President of Beijing Quanshun Youneng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.


"It has been 10 years since initial introduction of IoT to development. IoT has played a huge role in many fields. Our business focuses on intelligent operation and smart manufacturing. The subdivided fields are power monitoring and production process management, because it is more easy to elaborate small categories. "Efficiency and safety are the most intuitive experience of IoT, and at the same time, the problem we are trying to solve for our customers," said Li Yuan, President of Quanshun Youneng Technology Co., Ltd .

With independent R&D and in-depth innovation capabilities, Quanshun Youneng can transmit monitoring data to facility owners and service providers through Internet of Things sensor devices additionally installed in the infrastructure, thus enabling monitoring and management of equipment utilization rate, and query questions at any time to improve operational efficiency. In case of traditional data collection methods, for each monitoring line, it is required to put in one set of hardware, and setting up networks and switches will take about one to two weeks for installation. Such heavy asset mode based on the scale of hardware assets often show negative sides, with more and more repeated expansion and investment as business expands.

In addition, security is one of the most concerned issues by enterprises. Equipment parameters and variables of different process flows on the power load of building equipment or automatic production line need to be monitored 7*24 hours, and personnel are required to be scheduled to conduct the most basic check regularly. If the failure cannot be found at the first time, the hidden cost for solving the problem in the later period will be extremely high. How to "turn heavy into light" to improve equipment efficiency, reduce costs and avoid manpower waste, so that they can focus on more important businesses, has become an urgent problem for enterprises to solve.

Quanshun Youneng itself also hopes to realize the complete light weight of assets in the process of serving customers, because the traditional IDC hosting mode has a complicated process when expanding resources, which requires to complete a series of tasks such as server procurement, testing, deployment, launch and so on, as well as manpower for operation and maintenance management. Quanshun Youneng hopes to make use of various cloud service components provided by the cloud platform to create a flexible development and testing environment, improve product development efficiency, accelerate the speed of deployment and go-online, help customers improve operational efficiency and ensure safe production.

Why Amazon Web Services?

Quanshun Youneng decided to use the cloud platform to provide services for customers and targeted Amazon Web Services at the beginning of its establishment. According to Li Yuan, Amazon Web Services technology R&D investment is on the forefront of world ranking, focusing on innovation, and paying attention to the underlying infrastructure services and security, and have precisely kept Quanshun Youneng's "technology-driven" corporate pulse. In addition, high visibility of the Amazon Web Services brand, together with its rich cloud service capabilities, extensive product portfolio and recognized high stability and reliability, are all the reasons why Amazon Web Services got selected ultimately.

  • High-profile brands and obvious first-mover advantages in cloud services
  • As early as 2006, Amazon Web Services began to provide cloud computing services for enterprises, which can’t only purchase computing, storage, database and other services on demand, but also integrate Amazon Web Services’s hosting services in IoT and big data analysis to support their application systems, which, therefore, showing a first-mover advantage in cloud services. Today, Amazon Web Services has the highest market share in the world. At the same time, Amazon Web Services's strong global reach and two Availability Zones in China, namely, Beijing Zone operated by SINNET and Ningxia Zone operated by NWCD, enhance the future expansion of Quanshun Youneng's business, while the successful experience of many domestic and international enterprises in using Amazon Web Services cloud services also gives reasons for Amazon Web Services to be chosen with confidence.

  • Stable and reliable technology with complete safety control functions
  • In the process of providing IoT data services for customers, Quanshun Youneng found that the security, reliability and stability are the main requirements of customers. Before the official launch of Amazon Web Services Cloud, Quanshun Youneng conducted an all-round test on the stability and reliability of its network and servers, with the results showing that they were fully acceptable as expected. Amazon Web Services has been continuously improving the performance of cloud services and continuously introducing new technologies into its infrastructure to ensure its leading position in terms of stability, reliability and resource utilization efficiency through advanced architecture design. In addition, security is always the primary task of Amazon Web Services, allowing customers to own and control their own data and maintain strict control over access to data to strengthen the protection of information privacy and data security.

  • A rich and complete product system
  • Amazon Web Services provides cloud services with rich functions, from data transfer, computation to storage, and from data analysis processing to visualization, together with a comprehensive solution that matches the data-centric business processes of Quanshun Youneng, which can significantly improve its development efficiency, reduce O&M costs, and better help customers dig out useful information from massive data, such as equipment utilization rate, equipment failure records, current voltage changes, production real-time data, etc., thus realizing the optimization and improvement of the overall operational efficiency of buildings and factories and ensuring safety in operation.

    Through the MQTT protocol, with the help of Amazon IoT Core, customers may quickly screen, compress and perform operations on equipment data according to their own defined business rules.Amazon Kinesis Streams as the core of real-time data analysis, processing, and circulation, write one time retrieve many times to ensure that collected current, voltage and other data can be used in multiple ways, for example, real-time streaming data processing through Amazon Lambda and then work with Amazon SNS enables alarm processing such as message notification, event triggering, or aggregation into an efficient and stable Amazon Aurora primary storage database for users to call it at any time.

    Li Yuan gave great compliments to Aurora, saying: "Because our ultimate goal is to meet the customers' query needs, the speed and security of our primary storage database are of paramount importance. IoT devices generate massive amounts of data, with high data density and increasingly high requirements for data processing efficiency. Aurora is characterized by high-performance, scalability, security, cost-effectiveness, easy maintenance, and zero latency in reading copies of data. As verified, the speed is increased by 50% after using Aurora, the time for customers to obtain reports is also greatly shortened, and real-time information call can be randomly customized, thus the query experience is more complete and smooth. "


After testing and commissioning, at the end of 2018, Quanshun Youneng successfully deployed its service plan on Amazon Web Services using Amazon Web Services cloud services, including Amazon IoT Core, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Lambda, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Aurora, etc.; Amazon Web Services Cloud services are characterized by convenience, stability, flexibility, high availability, security, etc., which can ensure the fast go-online and normal operation for all business systems of Quanshun Youneng, and provide flexible support for the foreseeable device growth and user access in the future. Fig. 1 is a schematic diagram for Amazon Web Services-based system architecture of Quanshun Youneng

Fig. 1 Schematic Diagram for Amazon Web Services-based System Architecture of Quanshun Youneng

Li Yuan said: "Previously, to install a data monitoring system, we had to wait half a month to deploy the equipment first. Now we do not need to set up our own hardware. We only need to install sensors for collection of data in real time. Through 4G wireless transmission, we can install the system in half a day. We need only a click to use the services, with the service to be charged according to the time of use and paid on demand. The adoption of Amazon Web Services Cloud Services not only reduces the overall cost, but also improves our innovation ability. As a result, we can focus on developing core applications, improving security and reshaping the customer experience, instead of heavy infrastructure management. "

Amazon S3 and Aurora are provided with double security guarantees, enabling Quanshun Youneng to easily and securely collect and store data from IoT sensors or other production devices on a large scale, providing stable and reliable services for customers. In the future, Quanshun Youneng will also use Amazon Web Services Cloud for cross-regional data disaster preparedness.

Helping the manufacturing industry realize intelligent operation is the goal and vision of Quanshun Youneng. Amazon Web Services helps Quanshun Youneng use IoT technology in the cloud to closely link such technical means like data capture, processing, storage, analysis and visualization with planning, production, monitoring and operation and maintenance in the production process, to realize safer and more efficient production management and operation management, and to promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

More Information

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