Case Studies for Financial Services

By integrating Amazon S3 into its products, CraiditX has completed the development and deployment of its core product X-Behavior in just 1 month. CraditX is one of the earliest artificial intelligence companies engaged in the layout of financial risk control business in China. It is committed to providing risk control services for financial institutions and the main products includes X-Cloud and X-Behavior.

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PAX Global Technology Limited is a leading global supplier of electronic payment terminal solutions, focusing on providing customers with exceptional, cost-effective, and high-quality products and services. In 2021, PAX's annual revenue exceeded HKD $7.1 billion, net profit reached the HKD $1 billion milestone, and Android smart payment terminals grew 78% year-on-year (over HKD $3.2 billion). To date, PAX has shipped over 60 million electronic payment terminals worldwide.

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