Configurable and customizable rules

AWS Config provides you with pre-built rules for evaluating provisioning and configuring of your AWS resources as well as software within managed instances, including Amazon EC2 instances and servers running on-premises. You can customize pre-built rules to evaluate your AWS resource configurations and configuration changes, or create your own custom rules in AWS Lambda that define your internal best practices and guidelines for resource configurations. Using Config, you can assess your resource configurations and resource changes for compliance against the built-in or custom rules.

Configuration history of AWS resources

AWS Config records details of changes to your AWS resources to provide you with a configuration history. You can use the AWS Management Console, API, or CLI to obtain details of what a resource’s configuration looked like at any point in the past. Config will also automatically deliver a configuration history file to the Amazon S3 bucket you specify.

Configuration history of software

AWS Config enables you to record software configuration changes within your Amazon EC2 instances and servers running on-premises, as well as servers and Virtual Machines in environments provided by other cloud providers. With Config, you gain visibility into operating system (OS) configurations, system-level updates, installed applications, network configuration and more. Config also provides a history of OS and system-level configuration changes alongside infrastructure configuration changes recorded for EC2 instances.

Configuration snapshots

AWS Config can provide you with a configuration snapshot - a point-in-time capture of all your resources and their configurations. Configuration snapshots are generated on demand via the AWS CLI or API and delivered to the Amazon S3 bucket you specify.

Resource relationships tracking

AWS Config discovers, maps and tracks AWS resource relationships in your account. For example, if a new Amazon EC2 security group is associated with an Amazon EC2 instance, Config records the updated configurations of both the Amazon EC2 security group and the Amazon EC2 instance.

Cloud governance dashboard

AWS Config provides you a visual dashboard to help you quickly spot non-compliant resources and take appropriate action. IT Administrators, Security Experts, and Compliance Officers can see a shared view of your AWS resources compliance posture.

Ecosystem of partner solutions

You can choose from numerous AWS Partner Network (APN) partners who provide solutions that integrate with AWS Config for resource discovery, change management, compliance or security.

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