Getting Started with Amazon Compute Optimizer

Compute Optimizer helps you choose the optimal Amazon Web Services resources for your workloads. Compute Optimizer delivers intuitive and actionable recommendations to help you identify the optimal Amazon Web Services resources.


Sign in to the Compute Optimizer Console

Sign in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console and click on [Compute Optimizer]. Click on “Get started”.


Opt-In for Compute Optimizer

In the account setup page, review the default data settings, and click “opt in”. Once you opt-in, a service-linked role will be created automatically in your account.


Automatically generate recommendations

After you opt in, Compute Optimizer starts to scan your Amazon Web Services infrastructure and generates recommendations. It may take up to 12 hours for Compute Optimizer to deliver recommendations for all supported Amazon Web Services resources.


Review recommendations

Click on the “EC2 instances”, “Auto Scaling groups”, “EBS volumes”, or “Lambda functions” on the left side to see all your Amazon EC2 instance, Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling group, Amazon EBS volume, and Lambda function recommendations.


Visualize a what-if scenario

Click “view detail” to visualize a what-if scenario. This helps you understand how the recommended instance would have performed on the recommended instance type.