Amazon MQ Features

Managed service

High throughput

High availability and message durability



Broker instance types

Pay-as-you-go pricing

Get started for free

RabbitMQ Features

High Availability, Throughput, and Message Durability

Amazon MQ runs on the same highly reliable infrastructure used by other Amazon Web Services. Amazon MQ for RabbitMQ clusters, backed by Amazon EBS, use multi-AZ replication for high-availability and message durability. Data transfer for replication is included at no additional cost. Clusters are created behind a single-endpoint for high availability, simple management, and easy connection from your application.

Message Routing

Messages in RabbitMQ brokers are routed through exchanges before arriving at queues. RabbitMQ features several built-in exchange types for typical routing logic.

Broad Client Language Support

Develop using your favorite programming languages, including: Python, .NET, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Java, and Go

Other RabbitMQ Features

For a full description of RabbitMQ’s features, please see the RabbitMQ website.

ActiveMQ Features

Open-source message broker

Industry-standard APIs and protocols

Messaging features

Reliable, ordered delivery of messages