Posted On: Apr 18, 2024

Amazon CloudFormation StackSets launches ListStackSetAutoDeploymentTargets API that allows customers to list existing target Organizational Units (OUs) and Regions for a given stack set. With this launch, customers get visibility into the list of Regions where StackSets will auto-deploy stacks when a new account is added to target OUs. Customers no longer have to log into individual accounts under a given OU to get this information. Customers instead can get this Region combination for all target OUs of a given stack set in a single preview.

StackSets enables customers to deploy their CloudFormation stacks to multiple account and Regions in a single operation. When customers deploy their stack set to a target OU, StackSets deploys the target stacks to all accounts and Regions in that OU. Customers can target the same stack to multiple OUs where each OU has different available Regions. For example, OU1 is available in cn-north-1, and OU2 is available in cn-north-1 and cn-northwest-1. Previously, customers had to build their own database to maintain this Regional and OU mapping. This information helps customer plan and monitor their stack set deployments. With this new experience, customers can use this API to get this mapping between target OUs and Regions for a given stack set.

This feature is available in in Amazon Web Services China (Beijing) Region, operated by Sinnet and Amazon Web Services China (Ningxia) Region, operated by NWCD. Visit our user guide to learn how to troubleshoot common CloudFormation operation errors.