Posted On: Mar 7, 2024

Amazon X-Ray announces support for logging eight new data and one new management event APIs in Amazon CloudTrail, enabling you to have full visibility across every Amazon X-Ray API action in your Amazon Web Services account. This helps you maintain operational and security best practices. Amazon X-Ray provides developers with end-to-end tracing capabilities to help debug distributed applications and quickly identify performance bottlenecks. 

With today's launch, you can now capture all Amazon X-Ray API activity for data and management events in Amazon CloudTrail, such as data events from PutTraceSegments, GetTraceSummaries, and management events from GetSamplingStatisticSummaries. Using the information that Amazon CloudTrail collects, you can identify specific actions that send data to X-Ray or read from X-Ray. You can also capture events about activity that makes configuration changes like to modify the X-Ray sample rate, and get the IP address of the requester, the requester's identity, and the date and time of the request as part of those event records. Logging Amazon X-Ray API actions by using CloudTrail helps enable auditing, governance, and compliance of your Amazon Web Services accounts.

Amazon CloudTrail logging for X-Ray is now available in both Amazon Web Services China (Beijing) Region, operated by Sinnet, and the Amazon Web Services China (Ningxia) Region, operated by NWCD.

To turn on Amazon CloudTrail logging for X-Ray data or management events, configure logging by using the Amazon CloudTrail console or by using CloudTrail APIs. To learn more about logging X-Ray APIs by using CloudTrail, see Logging X-Ray API calls with Amazon CloudTrail in the documentation. For more information about X-Ray, see the Amazon X-Ray User Guide