Posted On: Mar 14, 2024

You can now obtain an aggregated view of the performance and health of your WorkSpaces instances using the Amazon CloudWatch Automatic dashboard. This enables WorkSpaces administrators to quickly start monitoring WorkSpaces metrics and identify issues and their potential causes. You can also use CloudWatch Automatic dashboard as a starting point and create your own custom dashboards to meet your monitoring needs.

The WorkSpaces CloudWatch Automatic dashboard is pre-built, remains resource aware, and dynamically updates to reflect the latest state of important performance metrics. You can also get ahead of potential issues that need your attention before they affect the experience of your end users. To achieve this, simply set alarms using Amazon CloudWatch and receive real-time notifications when one or more performance metrics goes beyond a pre-configured threshold.

There is no additional cost for using this functionality and it is available in the Amazon Web Services China (Ningxia) Region, operated by NWCD. In order to get started or learn more, you can visit Amazon WorkSpaces documentation.