Posted On: Feb 26, 2024

Parameter Store, a capability of Amazon Systems Manager, now allows you to share advanced parameters with other Amazon Web Services accounts, enabling you to centrally manage your configuration data. Parameter Store provides secure, hierarchical storage for configuration data and secrets. You can store data such as Amazon Machine Image (AMI) IDs, database strings, network configurations, and passwords as parameter values. You can reference parameters in code and through several integrations such as Systems Manager Documents and Amazon EC2. Today, many customers have workloads in multiple Amazon Web Services accounts that need shared, synchronized configuration data. Now, you can maintain a single source of truth for configuration data by sharing advanced parameters with other accounts, removing the need to duplicate and synchronize data across accounts.

You can use central Amazon Web Services accounts to share advanced parameters for many cross-account scenarios, such as referencing centrally managed “golden” AMI IDs in EC2 Launch Templates for autoscaling, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) IDs and domain join passwords in Systems Manager Documents, and API keys in distributed applications.

To share advanced parameters, you add them to an Amazon Resource Access Manager resource share. This allows you to select which advanced parameters you want to share, principals you want to share with (e.g. Amazon Organizations, specific Amazon Web Services accounts), and permissions to grant.

For information about sharing parameters, see the feature documentation. For information about advanced parameters, see Managing parameter tiers. For advanced parameter pricing, see Systems Manager Pricing. This feature is available in Amazon Web Services China (Beijing) Region, operated by Sinnet and Amazon Web Services China (Ningxia) Region, operated by NWCD