Posted On: Feb 7, 2024

Trusted Language Extensions for PostgreSQL (pg_tle) now supports new crates for PL/Rust such as croaring-rs and num-bigint, enabling you to build more of your extensions on RDS for PostgreSQL. PL/Rust, a PostgreSQL trusted procedural language, lets users build high performance, memory safe user defined functions with the resource efficiency of compiled languages like C.

Rust crates extend functionality in PL/Rust to help support more use cases such as for analytics, search, and security applications. croaring-rs adds support for roaring bitmap, a data type that provides better compression and lower memory utilization compared to conventional bitmaps. Roaring bitmaps are used for applications that require high performance lookups with a high compression ratio, such as analytics and big data. The num-bigint crate adds precision handling for arbitrarily large sized integers, which is used for security and scientific applications.

pg_tle is an open source development kit to help you build extensions written in a trusted language, such as PL/Rust, that run safely on PostgreSQL. Support for num-bigint and croaring-rs crates is available on database instances in Amazon RDS running PostgreSQL 16.1-R2 and higher, 15.5-R2 and higher, 14.10-R2 and higher, and 13.13-R2 and higher. To learn more about using pg_tle, see our Amazon RDS User Guide.

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