Posted On: Mar 21, 2024

Today, we launched new IAM Identity Center APIs to manage user assignments to supported Amazon Web Services and cloud applications. Together with the previously available APIs, this release allows customers to automate the management of account and application access, streamlining how customers scale with IAM Identity Center.

IAM Identity Center is where you create, or connect, your workforce users once and centrally manage their access to multiple Amazon Web Service accounts and applications. Previously, you could manage application access through the IAM Identity Center console and the application console. Now you can programmatically create automated workflows using the new IAM Identity Center APIs to manage application access, alongside the APIs provided by an application.

Amazon IAM Identity Center is available to you at no additional cost. IAM Identity Center APIs are available in all Amazon Web Services regions supported by IAM Identity Center. To learn more, see the IAM Identity Center API Reference in the IAM Identity Center User Guide.