Posted On: Feb 5, 2024

Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) now adds support for maintenance notifications to provide users visibility into scheduled maintenance activities on their Amazon DocumentDB clusters. Users can now receive near real time notifications of scheduled maintenance activities through health events in Amazon Health Dashboard (AHD) in Amazon Web Services console and through emails.

Amazon DocumentDB periodically releases maintenance patches containing critical security fixes, bug fixes, and enhancements. When an Amazon DocumentDB maintenance patch becomes available in an Amazon Web Services region, all user accounts in the region will receive an AHD and e-mail notification for each Amazon DocumentDB version that patch applies to. The notifications will be available under ‘Scheduled Changes’ section of the AHD and will include details about patch availability, auto apply schedule, impacted clusters, and release notes.

The notifications will also be delivered via e-mail to the Amazon Web Services account’s root user email address. Additionally, users can programmatically respond to these notifications by configuring Amazon EventBridge rules for "AWS_DOCDB_DB_PATCH_UPGRADE_MAINTENANCE_SCHEDULED" event type and choosing from 20+ supported targets, including Amazon Lambda. For example, users can configure an Amazon Eventbridge rule to trigger a Lambda function that notifies additional users associated with specific Amazon DocumentDB clusters via e-mail.

AHD requires no setup and is available for use for all instance based Amazon DocumentDB users at no cost. To learn more about Amazon DocumentDB’s maintenance notifications, please see the documentation. To learn more about Amazon Eventbridge, please visit the product page.