Posted On: Jun 2, 2024

Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition now supports PostgreSQL versions 16.2, 15.6, 14.11, 13.14, and 12.18. These releases contain product improvements and bug fixes made by the PostgreSQL community, along with Aurora-specific improvements. These releases also offer improved performance through faster COPY operations (for PostgreSQL 16.2), Query Plan Management enhancements for queries with aggregate operations, and optimizations for further reducing the logical replication lag.

You can initiate a minor version upgrade by modifying your DB cluster. Please review the Aurora documentation to learn more. This release is available in all Amazon Web Services Regions. For a full feature parity list, head to our feature parity page, and to see all regions that support Amazon Aurora head to our region page.

Amazon Aurora is designed for unparalleled high performance and availability at global scale with full MySQL and PostgreSQL compatibility. It provides built-in security, continuous backups, serverless compute, up to 15 read replicas, automated multi-Region replication, and integrations with other Amazon Web Services services. To get started with Amazon Aurora, take a look at our getting started page.