Posted On: Nov 12, 2023

Amazon CloudFormation StackSets announces a new capability ConcurrencyMode that provides customers a faster deployment experience while balancing deployment safety. Customers control speed and safety of their stack set deployments with concurrency and failure tolerance. Customers define these parameters along with ConcurrencyMode as a part of their StackSetOperationPreferences prior to running a stack set operation. StackSetsOperationPreferences is available with the following six APIs: create-stack-instances, delete-stack-instances, detect-stack-set-drift, import-stacks-to-stack-set, update-stack-set and update-stack-instances. With the ConcurrencyMode parameter, customers can modify existing deployment behavior of stack set operations for faster deployments that decouples concurrency from failure tolerance.

Customers can choose StrictFailureTolerance or SoftFailureTolerance with the ConcurrencyMode parameter. StrictFailureTolerance is the current default behavior for stack set deployments. In StrictFailureTolerance, StackSets sets the actual concurrency of the operations based on the failure tolerance threshold. Customers choose StrictFailureTolerance when they want a hard stop on their stack set operation. SoftFailureTolerance is a new deployment behavior for customers who want the benefits of concurrent deployments without having a strict restriction on failure tolerance. In SoftFailureTolerance, StackSets sets customer defined concurrency value as the actual concurrency of the operation. StackSets will continue to stop the operation when StackSets crosses the failure tolerance threshold. Refer to Amazon CloudFormation user guide to learn more.

You can use this feature with Amazon Web Services Management Console, Amazon SDK and Amazon Command Line Interface. This feature is now available in the Amazon Web Services China (Beijing) Region, operated by Sinnet, and the Amazon Web Services China (Ningxia) Region, operated by NWCD.