Posted On: Nov 9, 2023

Amazon RDS Proxy is a fully managed and a highly available database proxy for Amazon Aurora and RDS databases. RDS Proxy allows customers to gracefully scale applications by efficiently reusing database connections. For application using PostgreSQL Extended Query Protocol, RDS Proxy can now reuse database connections, resulting in efficient use of database resources. 

Many applications and database drivers use PostgreSQL Extended Query Protocol for improved security and performance. Prior to this launch, when RDS Proxy encountered an extended query protocol message, it automatically “pinned” the database connection, which meant applications could not benefit from efficient database connection reuse. Now, RDS Proxy will continue to pool and share database connections when it detects an extended query protocol message, improving your database efficiency and application scalability. This functionality is available for all existing as well as new RDS Proxy customers by default. To learn more about connection pooling and sharing, see our documentation.

Amazon RDS Proxy is available for Amazon Aurora with MySQL compatibility, Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility, Amazon RDS for MariaDB, Amazon RDS for MySQL, Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, and Amazon RDS for SQL Server. To learn more about supported regions and engine versions see our documentation.