Posted On: Dec 18, 2023

Amazon Kinesis Data Streams now supports On-Demand write throughput limit of 2 GB/s, a 2x increase from the current limit of 1 GB/s. Amazon Kinesis Data Streams is a serverless streaming data service that makes it easier to capture, process, and store streaming data at any scale. On-Demand is a capacity mode for Kinesis Data Streams that automates capacity management, so that you never have to provision and manage the scaling of resources. It requires you to pay for throughput consumed rather than for provisioned resources, making it easier to balance costs and performance while providing the same availability, durability, and integrations. You can create a new On-Demand data stream or convert an existing data stream into the On-Demand mode with a single-click without requiring any code changes or downtime for your existing applications.

By default, On-Demand mode can automatically scale up to 200MB/s write and 400MB/s read throughput. Earlier in the year, we increased this limit up to 1 GB/s write and 2GB/s read throughput. As we continue to innovate to provide more powerful streaming capabilities, you can now request a limit increase to enable your On-Demand stream to scale up to 2 GB/s write and 4 GB/s read throughput.

The increased limit is available in Amazon Web Services China (Beijing) Region, operated by Sinnet and Amazon Web Services China (Ningxia) Region, operated by NWCD. Submit a support ticket to request the limit increase for your account. See the Amazon Kinesis Data Streams Quotas and Limits page to learn more.