Posted On: Dec 19, 2023

Today, we launched support for wildcards in the lifecycle policy feature (LCP) of Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR). With this launch, customers can now create lifecycle policies using wildcards in their filters. Wildcards can be used to match image tags that contain one or more specific string in any position.

ECR lifecycle policies allow you to designate a filter so that any image in a repository that matches the filter is automatically expired and eventually deleted. This enables you to manage which images are available in your repositories without manually having to check each one. You can use multiple criteria to select which images are affected by a lifecycle policy, including the image tags. Wildcards give you more expressive power to define the criteria under which tags will match the filter, enabling you to more precisely match your tag naming structure.

To learn more about how to use ECR lifecycle policies with wildcards, visit the ECR documentation.