Posted On: Apr 5, 2023

With Amazon Athena, you can use your SQL knowledge to query nearly 30 data stores - in addition to data stored in an Amazon S3 data lake - all without learning a new language, developing scripts to extract and duplicate data, or managing infrastructure. Starting today, you can now create and query views on these data sources, which include relational databases, streaming sources, and cloud object stores, for use cases such as interactive analysis and business intelligence reporting.

In Athena, views are logical tables that retrieve data from one or more physical tables when the view is queried. Views are often used to limit access to sensitive data, hide complex joins and data transformation logic, and simplify queries that run on multiple distributed datasets. With today’s launch, you get these benefits with all of Athena’s data source connectors. For a complete list of available data source connectors, see Using Athena Data Source Connectors.

To learn more about views on federated data sources, see Querying federated views.