Posted On: Aug 23, 2022

Amazon Transfer Family now supports the Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) protocol, complementing existing protocol support for SFTP, FTPS, and FTP.

Customers across verticals such as healthcare and life sciences, retail, financial services, and insurance that rely on AS2 for exchanging business-critical can now use Amazon Transfer Family’s highly available, scalable, and globally available AS2 endpoints to more cost effectively and securely exchange transactional data with their trading partners. Exchanged data is natively accessible for processing, analysis, and machine learning, as well as for integrations with business applications running on Amazon Web Services.

You can configure AS2 endpoints by setting up your own profile as well as your trading partners’ using industry standard AS2 Identifiers and importing certificates and keys. Next, pair up your profile with your trading partners and specify the storage location for inbound and outbound messages. Once messages and acknowledgements are successfully delivered, AS2 specific metadata is extracted from the message and stored separately so it can be used for indexing and searching, reducing time to troubleshoot or identify operational issues.

Customers pay only for the endpoint and messages exchanged; visit the pricing page for details. To get started, visit the Amazon Web Services Management Console. To learn more, visit the Amazon Transfer Family product page.