Posted On: Nov 14, 2022

The Amazon Time Sync Service is now available over the Internet. Built on Amazon Web Services' network infrastructure, the Amazon Time Sync Service utilizes a global fleet of redundant satellite-connected and atomic reference clocks in Amazon Web Services regions to deliver current time readings of the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) global standard. Previously, Amazon Time Sync was available only to EC2 instances and Amazon Web Services.

Now, you can access the Amazon Time Sync Service at as a publicly available NTP service in addition to the connection provided directly to EC2 instances. This means your devices and infrastructure outside of Amazon Web Services China, such as IOT devices and on-premises infrastructure, can synchronize to the same highly available time sources that were previously accessible only from within our data centers. In the event of a leap second, the Amazon Time Sync service automatically handles this for you by smoothing out the addition, or removal, of the leap second with a 24-hour linear smear from noon to noon UTC.

To get started, see the userguide on adding to your NTP client.

Amazon Time Sync NTP Pools are available in all commercial regions and worldwide over the internet.

To learn more about Amazon Time Sync Service, see the EC2 User guide.