Posted On: Dec 11, 2022

Amazon RDS for SQL Server now supports a linked server to Oracle database. From your RDS for SQL Server instance, you can use linked server to access external Oracle databases to read data and execute SQL commends. If you have existing solutions that use linked servers to integrate Oracle databases, you can now migrate your SQL Server workloads directly to Amazon RDS.

Now, you can enable a linked server to Oracle by adding a OLEDB_ORACLE option to Option Group associated with your instances. After adding this Option to your instance’s OptionGroup, the status of your OptionGroup becomes ‘pending-reboot’. We do not force the instance to reboot after you modify Option Group. This is a new behavior of Option Groups, and you may be familiar with a similar experience from modifying a parameter in Parameter Groups. During the reboot, RDS will install Oracle Provider for OLE DB on the host. After the reboot, you can configure a linked server using T-SQL statements.

Visit the Amazon RDS SQL Server User Guide for more information. 

Amazon RDS for SQL Server makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale SQL Server deployments in the cloud. See Amazon RDS for SQL Server Pricing for pricing details and regional availability.