Posted On: Feb 21, 2022

Amazon ParallelCluster is a fully supported and maintained open source cluster management tool that makes it easier for scientists, researchers, and IT administrators to deploy and manage high performance computing (HPC) clusters on Amazon Web Services. Amazon ParallelCluster uses a simple text file to model and provision all the resources needed for your HPC applications in an automated and secure manner.

With its latest release, we have introduced three significant feature enhancements to Amazon ParallelCluster:

  • Support for multi-user environments: Customers can now manage and deploy clusters that can be configured to use an Active Directory domain managed using Amazon Directory Service. Using this feature, it is now possible for customers to have an Active Directory (AD) manage aspects such as users’ authentication when logging in to the cluster or permissions when accessing data from file systems connected to the cluster. Customers can choose to connect to an existing Amazon Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory or use AD Connector to integrate with an existing Active Directory hosted outside of Amazon Web Services (such as from on-premises). With this latest feature enhancement, customers have a variety of new, managed options to share cluster resources among multiple users to reduce both infrastructure costs and administrative overhead.
  • Support for clusters without public internet access: Customers can now choose to deploy their clusters in subnets that do not require access to the public internet. Amazon ParallelCluster clusters have traditionally required customers to use a network configuration in which all cluster nodes have internet access through either an internet gateway or a proxy (such as a NAT Gateway). With this latest feature enhancement, customers can choose to limit their clusters’ access to public internet using VPC endpoints to meet specific regulatory or security requirements for their workloads.
  • Support for Slurm 21.08: Amazon ParallelCluster now includes the latest version of Slurm 21.08. For more details on the full set of enhancements and fixes available in this version of Slurm you can find complete release notes here.

Amazon ParallelCluster is available at no additional charge, and you pay only for the resources needed to run your applications. Learn how to launch an HPC cluster using Amazon ParallelCluster here.

For more detail you can find the complete release notes for the latest version of Amazon ParallelCluster here.