Posted On: Dec 6, 2021

Today we are announcing the general availability of NICE EnginFrame 2021.0. NICE EnginFrame is an easy-to-use, web front-end that makes HPC job submission and management easier for customers. With this latest release, customers are able to use NICE EnginFrame across both on-premises and cloud environments using EnginFrame’s new Amazon HPC Connector feature. Where customers may have previously used NICE EnginFrame for these tasks on-premises and separately managed cloud resources for HPC using the Amazon Web Services Management Console, NICE EnginFrame customers can now manage all of these HPC workflows across both their on-premises and cloud environments using a single, unified interface.

NICE EnginFrame’s new Amazon HPC Connector makes it possible for customers to configure, deploy, and administer managed HPC clusters in the cloud. This new functionality complements NICE EnginFrame’s existing support for on-premises systems. Amazon HPC Connector is built on top of Amazon ParallelCluster, an Amazon-supported, open source HPC cluster management tool. Using the Amazon HPC Connector customers can now submit and manage workloads across both their on-premises and cloud environments from a single, unified interface. By unifying the resources and management of on-premises and cloud environments, teams can access all of their compute from a single place, saving time and simplifying workflows. NICE EnginFrame can increase customers’ productivity if they need additional capacity for faster time-to-results, access to specialized resources (such as GPUs or FPGAs) to run jobs with more precision, or a way to manage workloads while migrating their HPC from on-premises to the cloud.