Posted On: Jan 27, 2021

Change Calendar, a capability of Systems Manager, now publishes an event to Amazon EventBridge when it changes state from open to closed and vice versa. You can use the published state change event to automatically start actions such as disabling promotions through your continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, managing access to your fleet, or updating the system configurations. Change Calendar allows you to create blocked days on your calendar in order to prevent changes from being made to your application during important business events such as public marketing promotions, when you expect high demand on your resources.  

Using this new feature, you can configure actions, such as invoking Amazon Lambda or Systems Manager run command tasks, to be initiated automatically after the state of the Change Calendar has changed. For example, you can configure promotions through your CI/CD pipeline to be disabled automatically during significant business events like a holiday sale when the Change Calendar state changes to closed. To get started, use the Amazon EventBridge console to create an event rule for Systems Manager Change Calendar.

This feature is available in all Amazon Web Services Regions where Amazon Systems Manager is available, including Amazon Web Services China (Beijing) region, operated by Sinnet and Amazon Web Services China (Ningxia) region, operated by NWCD. For more details about this feature, see our documentation. To learn more about Amazon Systems Manager Change Calendar, see our Product Page.