Posted On: Feb 5, 2021

To coincide with our new Amazon Budgets Actions launch , we are reducing the price for budget-days from CNY 0.07 to free. Before this reduction, customers received 62 free budget-days per month before paying CNY 0.07 per budget-day for all active budgets within a regular account or consolidated billing family. Customers who simply want to monitor their cost, usage, or Reservations coverage and utilization can now do so free of charge. 

Customers who want to configure actions for their budget targets can take advantage of the new perpetual free tier offer of 62 action-enabled budget-days (e.g., 62 action-enabled budget-days will cover 2 budgets with actions enabled for 31 days for the life of the regular account or consolidated billing family). Each subsequent action-enabled budget-day will cost CNY 0.70, regardless of the number of actions associated with a budget (up to 50 actions per budget). 

To learn more about Amazon Budgets Actions Pricing, refer to the Amazon Budgets Pricing webpage.