Posted On: Oct 26, 2021

Amazon WorkSpaces now offers APIs which you can use to keep your WorkSpaces images up-to-date with the latest Amazon Web Services drivers. Previously, WorkSpaces images were kept up to date by manually launching a WorkSpaces instance, installing driver updates and creating a new image. With this launch, you can use WorkSpaces APIs to know if latest Amazon Web Services drivers are available for your images, install those updates and create updated images. After the new image is created, you can test it before updating your production bundles or sharing the image with other Amazon Web Services accounts. Keeping your WorkSpaces up to date with latest Amazon Web Services drivers lets you leverage the benefits of the latest instance types and other infrastructure components offered by Amazon Web Services.

This API is now available in all Amazon Web Services Regions where Amazon WorkSpaces is available.

There is no additional cost to use this API and it is automatically enabled for you. For more information, see CreateUpdatedWorkspaceImage at Amazon WorkSpaces API Reference.