Posted On: Feb 2, 2021

Amazon S3 now supports Amazon PrivateLink, providing access to Amazon S3 directly as a private endpoint within your secure, virtual network with Amazon PrivateLink. Simplify your network architecture by connecting to Amazon S3 from on-premises or in Amazon Web Services using private IP addresses in your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), eliminating the need to use public IPs, configure firewall rules, or configure an internet gateway to access Amazon S3 from on-premises.

Many customers want to connect on-premises applications with Amazon S3 without using public IPs or proxy servers within their VPC. With Amazon PrivateLink for Amazon S3, you can now provision interface VPC endpoints for S3 in your VPC to connect your on-premises applications directly with S3 over Amazon Direct Connect or Amazon VPN. Interface VPC endpoints are private endpoints that are assigned private IPs from your VPC.

Interface VPC endpoints for Amazon S3 are compatible with existing gateway VPC endpoints for Amazon S3. You can use both endpoints in the same VPC to continue using existing in-VPC configuration with gateway endpoints and only route on-premises traffic to Amazon S3 through interface VPC endpoints.

Amazon S3 support for Amazon PrivateLink is now available in all Amazon Web Services Regions including the Amazon Web Services China (Beijing) Region operated by Sinnet, and the Amazon Web Services China (Ningxia) Region operated by NWCD.  

Amazon PrivateLink is available at a low per-GB charge for data processed and a low hourly charge for interface VPC endpoints. For pricing details, please visit Amazon PrivateLink pricing. To get started and learn more about Amazon  PrivateLink for Amazon S3, read the Amazon S3 documentation.