Posted On: Sep 15, 2021

Amazon OpenSearch Service (successor to Amazon Elasticsearch Service) now supports index transforms that enables customers to extract significant information from large data sets and store summarized views in new indices. Customers can derive new insights, further analyze, and visualize trends from the new summary index.

Index transforms are similar to “materialized views” in databases and provide an interactive way to aggregate and store summarized views from large data sets so that you can visualize and analyze the data more easily. For example, you can summarize the annual sales index with multiple fields using transforms to organize the data by region, quarter, and then revenue. Using OpenSearch Dashboards or the transforms API, customers can schedule and run index transforms jobs to create the summarized indices for analyzing trends and patterns.

Index transforms feature is powered by OpenSearch, an Apache 2.0-licensed distribution of Elasticsearch. To learn more about OpenSearch and Index Transforms, visit the project website. Index Transforms is available on all domains running OpenSearch 1.0 or greater. To learn more, see the documentation.

Index transforms for Amazon OpenSearch Service is now available in Amazon Web Services China (Beijing) region, operated by Sinnet and Amazon Web Services China (Ningxia) region, operated by NWCD.