Posted On: Oct 7, 2021

Query Result Cache is an in-memory solution to increase Gremlin query performance for long and short running queries, and queries that need pagination of results. Using Query Results Cache, developers can now specify if they would like to cache the results of a Gremlin query for faster access.

Query Results Cache significantly reduces time and effort that customers spend to build and manage an external caching solution. It will automatically fetch all matching results of a query and store them in-memory. Any pagination after the first call will fetch results from the memory, greatly improving overall query performance.

There are no additional charges to use Query Results Cache, customers only pay for the Neptune resources they consume. Query Results Cache is available in all Amazon Web Services Regions where Neptune is supported. It supports all instance types as well as Neptune clusters with one or many read replicas. For information on how to use Query Results Cache, please refer the Neptune User Guide.