Posted On: Mar 5, 2021

Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Apache Flink now provides access to the Apache Flink Dashboard giving you greater visibility to your applications and advanced monitoring capabilities. You can now view your Apache Flink application’s environment variables, over 120 metrics, logs, and the directed acyclic graph (DAG) of the application in a simple, contextualized user interface. 

You can access the Apache Flink dashboard via a browser by clicking on the ‘Apache Flink Dashboard’ button on the Kinesis Data Analytics console or by calling the service’s new CreateApplicationPresignedURL API. The dashboard is enabled by default for all Kinesis Data Analytics for Apache Flink applications and includes data on Apache Flink job performance and critical application health data such as watermarks, checkpoints, and backpressure. 

Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics is an easy way to transform and analyze streaming data in real time with Apache Flink. Apache Flink is an open source framework and engine for processing data streams. Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics reduces the complexity of building and managing Apache Flink applications. Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Apache Flink integrates with Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK), Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Amazon DynamoDB Streams, Amazon S3, custom integrations, and more using built-in connectors.  

You can learn more about Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Apache Flink in our documentation.