Posted On: Apr 8, 2021

Amazon Glue version 2.0 featuring 10x faster Spark ETL job start times, is now generally available. With Glue version 2.0, job startup is faster and more consistent. In addition, Amazon Glue version 2.0 Spark jobs will be billed in 1-second increments with a 1-minute minimum rather than a 10 minute minimum. As a result, customers can now run micro-batch, deadline sensitive, and interactive workloads more cost effectively. Customers can run micro-batch jobs to quickly load data lakes, data warehouses, and databases and enable real-time analytics. With faster job start times, customers can run SLA driven data pipelines more reliably. Faster job start times also enable interactive data exploration and experimentation.  

Amazon Glue 2.0 is available in every Region where Amazon Glue is available.

To learn more about using Glue version 2.0 for your existing or new Amazon Glue Spark ETL jobs, visit our documentation.