Posted On: Jul 8, 2021

Amazon Cost Categories is a feature within the Amazon Cost Management product suite that enables you to group your cost and usage information into meaningful categories for your organization’s unique needs. You can define rules to categorize your costs using dimensions such as accounts, tags, services, charge types, and even other Cost Categories. Once Cost Categories are set up, you can use them across various products in the Amazon Billing and Cost Management console. This includes Amazon Cost Explorer, Amazon Budgets, and Amazon Cost and Usage Reports.

Through a new details page available in Cost Categories, you can now see an overview of your cost allocations within your Cost Categories. Previously, you needed to launch Cost Explorer to view costs associated with your Cost Categories. Now, with the details page, you can see a graphical overview, absolute amounts, and percent breakdowns of your cost allocation across your Cost Category values, along with uncategorized costs. You can also view the Cost Category status to track whether your most recent updates have been applied or are being processed to categorize your costs. With this data, you can assess the efficacy of your Cost Category rules and fine tune your configuration to holistically categorize any uncategorized or miscategorized costs.  

The details page is accessible from your Cost Categories dashboard, and is presented whenever you add or edit a Cost Category. To learn more visit Cost Categories page and Cost Categories user guide.