Posted On: Feb 25, 2020

Starting today, Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) is increasing the rate at which you can pull container images, and introducing simplified quotas (also called limits) for image APIs. These quotas are now between five to ten times higher than before, enabling you to increase the rate at which you deploy container images from ECR without worrying about API throttling. 

When you use common CLI commands like docker push or docker pull that ECR supports, they translate to ECR APIs that have per-account quotas for the number of times per second they are used. Previously, ECR published quotas for container registry push and pull instead of the ECR APIs where these quotas were applied. Now, quotas are published for the ECR APIs that they apply to, helping you better understand your API utilization. ECR previously also published both a rate and burst quota for image push and pull APIs. These are now simplified to a single rate quota for ECR APIs, making it easier for you to predict your build and deploy workflow behavior when operating at high volume. 

Today’s announced quota increase better aligns with ECR usage patterns when starting new, large workloads quickly. For example, you can now use GetAuthorizationToken at a sustained rate of 200 requests per second and use BatchGetImage at a sustained rate of 1000 requests per second. 

See the ECR documentation for more information about ECR API rate increases. These changes are effective today, and apply to all ECR customers in all public Amazon Web Services Regions where ECR is available