Posted On: Nov 5, 2020

Starting today, you can configure Amazon CloudWatch alarms to automatically create operational issues in Amazon Systems Manager OpsCenter. This enables operations engineers and IT professions to view, investigate, and resolve operational issues related to Amazon Web Services resources from a central place, reducing time to issue resolution. Amazon CloudWatch collects monitoring data for Amazon Web Services resources and applications, and generates alarms based on configured thresholds. 

With this release, you can now specify a Systems Manager OpsCenter action while creating or updating a CloudWatch alarm to automatically create an operational issue (OpsItem) when the alarm triggers. For example, you can configure an alarm to automatically create an OpsItem if there is a spike in HTTP errors generated by your application load balancer. The OpsItem can include relevant information, such as Amazon Web Services resource being monitored, alarm details, alarm history, and alarm timeline graph, to help you with the diagnosis. For the Amazon Web Services resource being monitored, you can see resource information from other enabled Amazon Web Services services such as Amazon Config, Amazon CloudTrail, and Amazon CloudWatch, all within OpsCenter, to help speed up your investigation. You can also use Amazon Systems Manager Automation documents within OpsCenter to run pre-defined workflows to help remediate common issues with Amazon Web Services resources more easily.

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