Posted On: Jun 11, 2020

Amazon Elemental MediaConvert has added support for several new encoding features. First, Accelerated Transcoding increases the processing speed of file-based video encoding jobs by up to 25 times. With Accelerated Transcoding, you can meet the most demanding turnaround times for processing high quality video with confidence. 

Second, MediaConvert has also added support for 8K UHD video encoding, which gives you the ability to create and monetize premium experiences for viewers and to support the latest consumer display devices. 8K encoding is available in the MediaConvert on-demand, professional tier, in resolutions up to 8192 x 4320 with HEVC encoding, 10-bit, including HDR. 

In addition, you can produce MP3 audio for devices and services that use this format with a simple selection from the console. Create MP3 files in standalone audio conversion jobs, extracted from video files, or as supplementary outputs produced during the video transcoding process. 

Finally, MediaConvert offers the ability to encode video using the AV1 (AOMedia Video 1) codec. A key benefit of AV1 is higher compression efficiency compared to the AVC (H.264) and HEVC (H.265) codecs. With AV1, you can deliver high-quality SD and HD video to mobile and other devices over congested or bandwidth-constrained networks at bitrates unachievable with traditional codecs. For more information and pricing on all of these features, please visit the MediaConvert page

With MediaConvert, audio and video providers can easily and reliably transcode on-demand content for broadcast and multiscreen delivery. You can build workflows to generate high-quality video outputs in minutes instead of weeks or months. MediaConvert is easy to use with a pay-as-you-go pricing model, offering a high degree of availability, reliability, and scalability. 

For MediaConvert availability, refer to the Amazon Web Services Region Table. To learn more, please visit our product page