Posted On: Sep 10, 2020

When you create an Amazon Elastic Beanstalk application environment, you can now associate an existing Application Load Balancer within the same Amazon Virtual Private Cloud with your new environment. This capability enables you to share your existing Application Load Balancer and allow it to serve traffic for multiple applications running on Elastic Beanstalk.  

With the Elastic Beanstalk support for Application Load Balancer sharing, you can simply choose the existing Application Load Balancer to share and a default Listener for routing the traffic while creating an Elastic Beanstalk web server environment. Elastic Beanstalk automatically applies default rules to route traffic from the Application Load Balancer to your web server environment. You can optionally add additional host-based and path-based rules while creating your web server environment with a shared Application Load Balancer. 

To get started, create an Application Load Balancer in Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), then create your Elastic Beanstalk web server environments with the shared Application Load Balancer using the Elastic Beanstalk console, the EB CLI, or the Elastic Beanstalk APIs. To learn more, see Configuring a shared Application Load Balancer in the  Amazon Elastic Beanstalk Developer Guide. More information on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk at:

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