Posted On: Dec 2, 2020

Amazon S3 now delivers strong read-after-write consistency automatically for all applications. Unlike other cloud providers, Amazon S3 delivers strong read-after-write consistency for any storage request, without changes to performance or availability, without sacrificing regional isolation for applications, and at no additional cost.  

Amazon S3 pioneered object storage in the cloud with high availability, performance, and virtually unlimited scalability, with eventual consistency. Millions of customers of all sizes and industries have used Amazon S3 to store and protect any amount of data for a range of use cases. Increasingly, customers are using big data analytics applications like Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop that often require access to an object immediately after a write. Without strong consistency, you would insert custom code into these applications, or provision databases like Amazon DynamoDB to keep objects consistent with any changes in Amazon S3 across millions or billions of objects. With strong consistency, S3 accelerates and simplifies the migration of on-premises analytics workloads by removing the need to make changes to applications, and reduces costs by removing the need for extra infrastructure to provide strong consistency.  

Any request for S3 storage is now strongly consistent. After a successful write of a new object or an overwrite of an existing object, any subsequent read request immediately receives the latest version of the object. S3 also provides strong consistency for list operations, so after a write, you can immediately perform a listing of the objects in a bucket with all changes reflected. 

All Amazon S3 customers automatically receive strong consistency is available today in all Amazon Web Services China Regions, including the Amazon Web Services China China (Beijing) Region, operated by Sinnet, and the Amazon Web Services China China (Ningxia) Region, operated by NWCD. To learn more about S3 strong consistency, visit our documentation