Posted On: Sep 4, 2020

Following the announcement of updates to the PostgreSQL database, we have updated Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility to support PostgreSQL version 11.8, 10.13 and 9.6.18. This release contains bug fixes and improvements done by the PostgreSQL community, and improved TLS support from PostgreSQL 12. Please see the list of supported extensions in the Amazon RDS User Guide for specific versions.

Improvements in TLS support that were added in PostgreSQL 12 are now available in the PostgreSQL 11.8 minor version. This enhancement allows you to configure the minimum SSL/TLS protocol version for secure connections to use which is becoming increasingly important as early versions of the TLS protocol (e.g., v1 and v1.1) have known security vulnerabilities.

You can initiate a minor version upgrade manually by modifying your DB cluster. Or you can enable the “Auto minor version upgrade” option when creating or modifying a DB cluster. Doing so means that your DB cluster is automatically upgraded after Aurora PostgreSQL tests and approves the new version. For more details, see Automatic Minor Version Upgrades for PostgreSQL. Please review the Aurora documentation to learn more.

Amazon Aurora combines the performance and availability of high-end commercial databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases. To get started with Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, take a look at our getting started page.