Posted On: Aug 1, 2019

Default Amazon EBS volume type is now General Provisioned SSD (GP2) across all regions. 

The default Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) volume type is now General Purpose SSD (GP2), creating consistency across regions and within the console and APIs.  

The EBS default volume type is used when a volume type is not specified within Amazon API calls for volume, image, and instance creation. Previously, the default volume type was Standard for some regions and GP2 for others. Now, GP2 is the default volume type everywhere an EBS volume can be created. Existing volumes will not be affected and all EBS volume types, including Standard, are still available via any API call that supports the creation of EBS volumes. All EBS volume types can be changed to another volume type via Elastic Volumes. 

For information about the GP2 volume type, see our GP2 documentation