Posted On: Jul 18, 2019

Amazon Web Services customers can now use Amazon Storage Gateway to provide hybrid cloud storage through their Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) using VPC endpoints. With this feature, the network connection between a Storage Gateway and Amazon Web Services can be restricted to private network routes, further securing storage workloads and administration activities. VPC endpoints for Amazon Storage Gateway are provided by Amazon PrivateLink, a highly available, scalable technology that enables customers to privately connect their VPC to supported Amazon Web Services services. 

Amazon Storage Gateway is a hybrid storage service that gives customers on-premises access to virtually unlimited cloud storage via virtual tape libraries, iSCSI volumes, and SMB/NFS file shares. Support for VPC endpoints enables customers to deploy Storage Gateway virtual machines and hardware appliances within private networks without opening up connections to the internet, increasing the security of Storage Gateway’s connection to Amazon S3 and other Amazon Web Services services.  

Customers can get started using Amazon Storage Gateway with Amazon PrivateLink today by deploying a new gateway using any gateway virtual machine (VM) image released after June 20, 2019. Using the Amazon Web Services Console or CLI, users will be able to specify whether the gateway should connect to Amazon Web Services over the internet or from within their VPC. VPC endpoints are configured during gateway creation, and once configured all traffic to Amazon Web Services from the VPC will flow over a private connection.  

This feature can be used in Amazon Web Services China (Beijing) region operated by Sinnet. To learn more, visit the Amazon Storage Gateway website