Posted On: May 8, 2019

Amazon Step Functions now supports workflow execution events, which make it faster and easier to build and monitor event-driven, serverless workflows. Execution event notifications can be automatically delivered when a workflow starts or completes through CloudWatch Events, reaching targets like Amazon Lambda, Amazon SNS, Amazon Kinesis, or Amazon Web Services Step Functions for automated response to the event.

You can enable CloudWatch Event notifications for Step Functions in minutes. Customers simply have to identify the state machine, what event changes are of interest, and the targets for the notification. Please refer to the Amazon Step Functions Developer Guide for additional details.

Amazon Step Functions allows you to add resilient workflow automation to your applications. The steps of your workflow can exist anywhere, including in Amazon Lambda functions, on Amazon EC2, or on-premises. Amazon  Step Functions is also integrated with Amazon ECS, Amazon Fargate, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon SNS, Amazon SQS, Amazon Batch, Amazon Glue, and Amazon SageMaker. You can connect and coordinate all these services in minutes—without writing code. For more information, please visit the Amazon  Step Functions product page.