Posted On: Dec 16, 2019

We now support Amazon SQS FIFO as an event source on Amazon Lambda. This allows you to use Lambda for building event-driven applications where ordered events and operations are critical. For example, you can build an application that displays the correct product price by sending price modifications in the right order.  

Amazon SQS is a fully managed message queuing service for reliably communicating between distributed software components and microservices. It has two offerings: SQS standard queues and SQS FIFO queues. FIFO queues improves upon and complement the standard queue: it preserves the exact order in which messages are sent and received, and support message groups that allow multiple ordered message groups within a single queue.  

Lambda enables you to run code in response to events from data streaming and queuing services. It supports Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, Amazon DynamoDB Streams, and Amazon SQS standard queues. Now, you can process messages from Amazon SQS FIFO queues with Lambda. The order of processing follows the message order within a message group.  

You can get started with SQS FIFO queue as a Lambda event source via Amazon Web Services Management Console, Amazon CLI, Amazon  CloudFormation or Amazon  SDK for Lambda. It is available in all Amazon Web Services China Regions where Amazon Lambda is available. You pay only for the SQS API operations performed by the Lambda service on your behalf, and the Lambda requests and duration used to process your messages. For more information on where Amazon Lambda is available, see the Amazon Web Services China Region table. To learn more, see Using Amazon Lambda with Amazon SQS FIFO in the Amazon Lambda Developer Guide.