Posted On: Feb 21, 2019

Starting today you can use the new Windows Server platform v2 on Elastic Beanstalk to run your Windows applications with several enhancements including managed updates, deployment options and enhanced health reporting and monitoring.

You can now use the new Windows Server platform v2 to opt into managed updates, which automatically applies updates to your environment. In addition, Windows Server platform v2 now supports the full range of deployment options, including deployment policies (All at once, Rolling, Rolling with additional batch, and Immutable) and options that let you configure batch size and health check behavior during deployments. You can also monitor the health of your Windows applications on Windows Server platform v2. The enhanced health reporting and monitoring feature on Windows Server platform v2 provides a better picture of overall environment health and aids in the identification of issues that can cause your application to become unavailable.

To get started using Windows Server platform v2, go to the Elastic Beanstalk console or upgrade your current Windows environment to the latest platform version. To learn more about updating your platform version, see updating your Elastic Beanstalk environment's platform version. For more information, visit using the Amazon Elastic Beanstalk .NET platform.

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