Posted On: Nov 25, 2019

To enable access to customers’ Amazon VPCs, Amazon Direct Connect is announcing Direct Connect gateway, a new feature to allow customers using any Amazon Direct Connect location in China to use their Direct Connect connections to access any Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) deployed in any Amazon Web Services Regions in China. In addition, each Direct Connect gateway will enable association with one or more Amazon VPCs. Using Direct Connect gateway, you do not need to have Amazon Direct Connect connections in multiple Amazon Web Services China regions to access your Amazon VPCs in those Amazon Web Services China regions. Rather, you can use one (or more) private virtual interface to communicate with multiple Amazon VPCs across any Amazon Web Services China regions. 

Along with the introduction of the Direct Connect gateway, we are enabling granular cost allocation support. Prior to the granular cost allocation support, Data Transfer Out charges for private virtual interface was allocated to the Amazon Web Services account that owns the private virtual interface(s). The new granular cost allocation feature will allocate Data Transfer Out charges to the Amazon Web Services account responsible for the Data Transfer. The introduction of granular cost allocation will not change the cost per gigabyte to use Amazon Direct Connect. The granular cost allocation will be effective from November 1st, 2019. 

Effective immediately, customers will be able to determine the Data Transfer Out pricing based on the location of the workload (an Amazon Web Services China region) and the location of the Direct Connect location. With updated data transfer out pricing structure, you can select any Amazon Direct Connect location in China that best meets your needs. Please visit Amazon Direct Connect Pricing.

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