Posted On: Feb 28, 2019

February 28, 2019: Amazon ElastiCache for Redis adds support for Redis 5.0.3. Redis 5.0.3 is a maintenance release which includes several bug fixes and minor enhancements. You can now stay current with the most up to date version of Redis and benefit from recently introduced capabilities such as Redis Streams (made available with the launch of Redis 5.0 on ElastiCache in November 2018).

With the introduction of Redis 5.0.3, we now support the ability to change Redis command names. You can take advantage of a new parameter, called rename-commands, that allows you to rename commands to user specified names and prevent accidental use of potentially intrusive or expensive commands. Amazon ElastiCache for Redis ensures that the command name changes are propagated to all nodes in the cluster immediately in an online manner and without the need for manual intervention. Furthermore, the command name changes persist through node reboots and replacements, thereby providing a fully-managed experience.

Support for Redis 5.0.3 and renaming of Redis commands is available in all commercial Amazon Web Services regions. To learn more about the new version and the rename-commands parameter, please refer to the ElastiCache documentation. To create a new cluster on Amazon ElastiCache for Redis or modify parameters groups to rename commands, log into the Amazon Web Services Management Console.