Posted On: Dec 17, 2018

Amazon EC2 Fleet now supports a new request type “Instant” that you can use to provision capacity synchronously across instance types & purchase models and CreateFleet will return the instances launched in the API response. EC2 Fleet now offers 3 types (instant, request, and maintain) that can be used to indicate whether EC2 Fleet should return instance information synchronously, launch instances asynchronously until the fleet reaches your desired capacity, or attempt to maintain your desired capacity.

Now when you set your fleet type to Instant you can rely on a synchronous API response, providing instance details including instance id, instance type and subnet rather than describing a fleet ID. When using Instant type fleets EC2 Fleet will not attempt to replenish instances if interrupted. Following the create-fleet synchronous response EC2 Fleet will take no further action enabling you to control if and when instances are launched.

Amazon EC2 Fleet is a feature that simplifies the provisioning of large amounts of EC2 capacity, including provisioning across different EC2 instance types, Availability Zones and across On-Demand, Reserved and Spot purchasing models. With a single API call, you can provision capacity that delivers the best mix of instance types and purchasing models to achieve your desired performance and cost. To get started with EC2 Fleet, visit this page.