Posted On: May 22, 2018

You can now launch with X1 instance types when using Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for Oracle in the Amazon Web Services China (Beijing) Region, operated by Sinnet, and Amazon Web Services China (Ningxia) Region, operated by NWCD.

X1 instances offer the high ratio of memory to vCPU allowing Oracle customers to maximize their license costs by increasing memory without increasing processor license counts.

X1 instances offer 2 TB of DDR4 based memory, 8x the memory offered by any other Amazon EC2 instance. Each X1 instance is powered by four Intel® Xeon® E7 8880 v3 (Haswell) processors and offers 128 vCPUs. In addition, X1 instances offer 10 Gbps of dedicated bandwidth to Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) and are EBS-optimized by default at no additional cost.

If you would like to modify your existing DB instance to take advantage of the benefits of the X1 instance types, please refer to Amazon RDS for Oracle Documentation for more details.

Amazon RDS for Oracle makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale Oracle Database deployments in the cloud. These instance classes are supported for Oracle 11g and 12c for “Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL)” customers.