Posted On: Apr 10, 2018

Amazon ElastiCache for Redis, today announced the availability of a new metric - EngineCPUUtilization which provides access to the Redis process CPU utilization to gain better insights into your Redis workloads. As Redis is single threaded and uses just one CPU core at any given point in time, the new metric provides more precise visibility into the load of the Redis process itself.

The new metric adds to the pre-existing CPUUtilization metric which exposes CPU utilization for the server instance as a whole including other operating system and management processes. We recommend that you use both the new EngineCPUUtilization and prior CPUUtilization metrics together to get a detailed understanding of CPU utilization for your Redis environment.

The metric is available in all Amazon Web Services regions, and you can access this metric using CloudWatch or via the Amazon Web Services Management Console. There are certain restrictions on the availability of this metric, which are listed here.